Choosing Funny Wifi Names / Network SSIDs


You are free to choose whatever wifi name you can come up with. It can be game of thrones wifi names, if you are a fan of game of thrones or even marvel wifi names or star wars wifi names. After all, you’re the one coming up with the idea so why not come up with create wifi names?

Your wifi name can be simple yet but humorous and should get people attention in just a snip. It can be anything you find funny and interesting such as “This Wifi Network Is Not Safe” as your wifi name.

The purpose of having funny wifi name is to bring momentary amusement or entertainment either to your house guests or neighbor who wish to connect to your wifi network. For a second or two, they will discuss or even laugh about your wifi name so it’s an opportunity you can grab for the sake of amusement.

So if you are looking for funny wifi names, don’t go anywhere. I’ve compiled self thought funny wifi names, game of thrones wifi names, star wars wifi names, harry potter wifi names, creative wifi names etc.. That you can use for as your own wifi name.

Obviously you can think of your own but this list can be a good start, right?


Best Wifi Names for 2018 or of all time – Maybe?


  1. Don’t Connect Here
  2. Get Your Own Wifi
  3. Slow Wifi Connection
  4. Connect At Your Own Risk
  5. Our Internet is Not Free
  6. This Is Not A Free Wifi Network
  7. Connect With Me On SnapChat
  8. Buy At The Counter To Get Wifi Password
  9. Please Don’t Connect to My Wifi
  10. Malware Infected Wifi


Game of Throne Wifi Names – GOT Wifi Names


  1. Lannisport
  2. Ping of the north
  3. The Pingslayer
  4. The Ping Beyond the Fire Wall
  5. Tyrion LANnister
  6. The Sites’ Watch
  7. Ping’s Landing
  8. The Dornishman’s WiFi
  9. The Brotherhood Without LAN Errors
  10. All Men Must WiFi
  11. Ping’s LANding
  12. A LANnister always surfs the net


Star Wars Wifi Names


  1. Anakin’s Wifi
  2. Supreme Lan Snoke
  3. Lan Solo
  4. WanPa
  5. Belkin’s Cloud City
  6. KyLAN Ren
  7. Jar Jar Linksys
  8. Let the WiFi-key win
  9. Embrace the power of the WiFi
  10. Luke Skyrouter


Harry Potter Wifi Names


  1. Accio Internet
  2. Floo Network
  3. Wi-Fidelius
  4. ConnectoPatronum
  5. Sherbet Lemon
  6. Harry Router
  7. Lan Voldemort
  8. Dumbledore Network
  9. Wifi of Ministry
  10. Hogwarts Network


There you have it. List of creative, unique and funny wifi names for your router. There are many more out there and a lot more you can think of but I’ll leave the thinking to you. If you happen to come up with more ideas, feel free to contact me and suggest your funny wifi names.


Funny Wifi Names Team