Best Wifi Names 2018


Thinking of Wifi name is not difficult. Actually, it’s the easiest thing to do ever after you’ve configured your router. But given the fact that it’s not a tough thing to do, why not make something creative, unique but funny wifi name that your family members and neighbor might smirk one in a while.

There are a lot of funny wifi names collection out there that you can check out once in a while but I’ve decided to compile a list of best wifi names that you can use for your own network SSID.

The list below is in no particular order and the top doesn’t mean is the best of the best wifi names.


  1. Lan of The Thrifty
  2. Stingy Neighbor – Connect Here
  3. Looking for Free Wifi
  4. Beer Me First
  5. Rebooting every 1 minute
  6. Martin Router King
  7. May The Land Be With You
  8. Facebook Is Blocked in This Wifi
  9. The Lan
  10. Why Pie
  11. I Know Who You Are
  12. I Can See You Are Watching
  13. Breaking WAN
  14. Hacker Network
  15. I Will Steal Your Data


There you have it. List of creative, unique and funny wifi names for your router. There are many more out there and a lot more you can think of but I’ll leave the thinking to you. If you happen to come up with more ideas, feel free to contact me and suggest your funny wifi names.


Funny Wifi Names Team