Clever Wifi Names 2018


Clever Wifi Names are creative, unique and at the same time hilarious. Sure you can come up with any wifi names and use it as your network SSID but what’s the fun in that? It’s even meaningful if you can come up with clever ideas that will impress or annoy your neighbor. Either way, the purpose here is to make sure you come up with clever wifi names that everyone will notice from the very beginning.

The Funny Wifi Names team compiled a list of clever wifi names you can use for your network SSID. These are suggestions only but if you feel like using our clever wifi name suggestion, be my guest.


  1. Limited Access Only
  2. You Can’t Download Here
  3. Videos Here Are Blocked
  4. Limited Time Access Only
  5. Let’s Hang out – I live at 1st Street
  6. Neighbor’s Name – Connect Here (Andrea Muse, Connect here)
  7. Virus Infected Network
  8. I Screen Capture Your Face
  9. Let’s Connect If You’re Single
  10. Leave Me Alone



There you have it. List of creative, unique and funny wifi names for your router. There are many more out there and a lot more you can think of but I’ll leave the thinking to you. If you happen to come up with more ideas, feel free to contact me and suggest your funny wifi names.


Funny Wifi Names Team